Brad Hauck

Keynote Conference Speaker
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Brad Hauck is an expert in change & resilience in the face of disaster. He is here to help people respond to those times in business & life when the world seems to be burning down around them, to fight fire with fire, and to face our fears no matter how tough it gets. Brad has been a volunteer rural firefighter for over 15 years attending hundreds of wildfires all over Australia. His ability to face constant change helped him to not only survive & thrive in the dangers of the fireground but to also build a company responsible for helping others make billions of dollars. While he didn’t feature in last year’s Firefighter Calendar, he hopes to make it into the next one!


I'm a Digital Business Consultant & Coach. I help you become #1 in your market/topic online for what you do, know or sell. Through my "Turn Your Book Into A Business" podcast, i also run a community for Knowpreneurs - speakers, non fiction authors & consultants, helping them sell more books, make more money & build a lifestyle business based around their knowledge & expertise.