Firefighter Brad Hauck

Firefighter Brad Hauck

Volunteer Rural Firefighter & Keynote Speaker
Brad Hauck is an expert in change & resilience in the face of disaster. He is here to help people respond to those times in business & life when the world seems to be burning down around them, to fight fire with fire, and to face their fears no matter how tough it gets.

Brad has been a volunteer rural firefighter for over 15 years attending hundreds of wildfires all over Australia. From what he's learnt from other firefighters e.g. the ability to face constant change, has helped him to not only survive & thrive in the dangers of the fire ground but to also build a company responsible for helping others make billions of dollars.

While he didn’t feature in last year’s Firefighter Calendar, he hopes to make it into the next one!

  • Firefighter since 2005
  • Entrepreneur since 1996
  • Trade Qualified | B.Ed, M.Ed
  • Star Wars geek

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Brad's Background
Brad has a wide experience both in business & in life. After leaving school, he completed a 4 yr trade as a Telstra Electronics Technician. Completed a DipTeach, B.ED & an M.Ed (Curriculum Studies) and spent 12 yrs as a classroom teacher.

In 1996 he started writing books for teachers on how to use computers in their classrooms which went on to become Best Sellers with 100s of thousands of copies sold worldwide via the internet.

What he learnt from promoting his books online, he turned into an internationally recognised SEO company turning over above $1m /yr within the 2 yrs of launch.

He joined RFSQ in 2005 to support his local community & has been actively serving ever since. As a first responder, he's turned out to hundreds of firecalls & also been deployed across Qld, NSW & ACT to help relieve local crews after they spent weeks fighting fires.

He currently holds the rank of 2nd Officer at Mudgeeraba Rural Fire Brigade on the Gold Coast, Qld.